The business Club is a group led by young, dynamic professionals who are well inserted in the global economy, with diverse experience from major international companies in Europe as well as in Israel
This club offers an interface between different interests holding in the industry especially focusing on 3 sectors of activity:

  1. HighTech – Software and Telecommunication
  2. Biotechnology – Genetic research and pharmacology
  3. Finance – Corporate, accounting and Market Exchange

The assets for this initiative are as follow:

  1. A team of professionals with high-level competence and responsibilities in the
    current markets described above
  2. A stirring group made of retired senior professionals with extensive careers on
    the world market
  3. A supportive group of sponsors who have the political and industrial influence
    to advise the association’s goals
  4. A network of partners that provides a range of specific services geared to help
    the members and lower the cost of their professional insertion in the Israeli

    Other assets:

The goal of this initiative is to organize a think tank that serves the interests of the members of the club who will have to fulfill the following criteria:

– French speakers (mother tong)
– Active in one of the 3 sectors described above
– Recommended by 2 members
– Israel residents or about to become – Respect of an ethical etiquette TBD

The business club has exclusive access to a pool of competencies that are immigrating on a daily basis from Europe, due to its privileged relations with the groups that support their Alya.
Each of the business club members has kept very strong professional and personal
relationships with major actors in their industry, thus the club is able to use existing relation networks and plug them into existing networks in Israel. Investments, merging, JVs, R&D contracts are measurable and tangible results from the business that is induced by the business club.

The rationale for this club is to re-use human assets and competencies immigrating from France with a high level of education that will enhance the penetration of Israeli technology into French speaking markets (West Africa, France, Canada, Belgium, Switzerland) and EEC markets.

Specific Needs:

With almost 700 members of the network our reputation has exceeded the Israeli’s borders, and we are known in France has a very efficient network to help Olim Hadashim to find a job in Israel, to be updated on economical, legal local information, to develop their business relationships, to raise funds or to create a company. We are proud to highlight that some Olim have decided to emigrate to Israel thanks to our network and often because they found a job before their arrival in the country

The strength of the ICB is its interactivity based on a regular exchange of emails, but we could do more if we had money. As at today, we are 3 volunteers without any funds, which limit us greatly in our actions: we are not registered as an association, we can’t organize events, we have no dedicated resources to follow and track our actions.

Basically, in the case of some funds raisings we would invest in the following actions:
–  To develop and maintain (daily update) a website : jobs offers, CVs bank,
economical, fiscal, legal information update, exchange of information between
the members (sort of QAS)

–  Organize periodic events based on the concept of “Business date event” to
encourage the development of the networking between the members
–  To recruit a part-time head which will be able to:
o maintain and update the website,
o organize events,
o follow and track the jobs’ offers and the jobs’ applications
o develop the partnerships with other associations in Israel (not only

(French ones but also, for instance, Nefesh Be Nefesh…)